Thursday, March 19, 2015

Coming Out of Hibernation


When Spring starts to appear, I start thinking of all the things I want to do. You see….I like to say that I hibernate in the winter. You know the kind. As soon as it is dark, I am done for the day. The pajamas are on. The blankets are out, and I basically shut down the house and think about all the things I can’t wait to do when it is warmer.


But then Spring arrives! And it is finally warmer! And I can’t seem to decide what I want to do first.

I have a to-do list a mile long, but then I can’t wait to be able to finally go outside my house and soak up the sunshine and play in the yard with my sweet boy. He would rather be outside than anywhere, and I can’t half blame him.


The weather has been gorgeous for nearly two weeks. In those two weeks, we have been to the farm to relax and ride the mule {not the animal} and just enjoy the little moments in life that God blesses us with and we often take for granted.


I am thankful for these little moments because I know one day {that will come too soon} those moments will disappear, and I will be wishing I had them back.

So, I take too many pictures and videos. I put projects on the back burner, and I spend time with my little family.


It’s the simple life, folks. Take a step back and take a deep breath.

Enjoy every moment.

Monday, March 9, 2015

A Love-Hate Relationship

Day Light Savings Time arrived once again.

Knowing that I’m losing an hour of sleep makes me loathe the time change this time of year. I hate losing that one hour, and I especially hate when my already struggling sleep schedule gets all out of whack. I have trouble sleeping as it is. I certainly don’t need to be staying up any later because my brain and body thinks it’s an hour earlier.


But….then there is the love part of my relationship with time change…..particularly the daylight part. Can you say more daylight?!?!? One little boy in this house is going to be very happy with all of this daylight left to play outside in when we get home in the afternoons.


So, after I recovered from the hour of sleep I lost….plus some, we took advantage of the beautiful day and ventured out for the first time in a while. Temps in the 70s and sunshine. There’s not much more I could ask for  in a day!


We enjoyed some time at the farm. Landry is so much fun at this age now because he recognizes and talks about nearly everything he sees. We saw cows and fed the fish.


He’s definitely going to be a Daddy’s boy when he gets old enough to hit the farm with his dad to explore, work, and just have fun out there.


Anyone else looking forward to the first signs of spring?

Sunday, March 8, 2015

A Dash of Schoolhouse for the Teacher

Each month I decide ahead of time what purchases I want to make towards the home. It’s a tight budget as we try to pay as much as we can on our house, so we can get rid of this mortgage hanging over our heads. So far, we’re making great progress, but that’s another topic for another day.

The point is. We are debt free except for our house, and we plan to stay that way. We pay cash for everything, which is why I plan out any expenses for the month of things I want for the house, Landry, or myself.

This month is a month of birthdays, so the expenses were more directed towards accessories here and there instead of big item purchases. Keep in mind when I say big item purchases….I mean over $100.

This was one of those smaller purchases. A $36.41 purchase to be exact. A heck of a deal on a light fixture if you ask me.

You see…..we started off with this.


It must have been here since the house was built….maybe not….but it’s definitely been there for 20+ years. It’s the only light fixture in our house that hasn’t been updated in a while. I’m not saying all of our light fixtures are great because they definitely are not, but they were upgraded at some point…even if it’s not my taste.

Even though it’s just a hall light in a hall we don’t use that often, it was driving me crazy.


I found this beauty at Home Depot for less than $40. The reviews online were awesome, and everyone raved about how nice it looked and surprised them for the great price it was.


It is the World Imports Luray 1-Light Oil-Rubbed Bronze Semi-Flush Mount if you’re looking for it.

And now for the side by side…

Hall Light

Small and simple fix, but it makes me happy. Big thanks to the husband for putting it up for me. None of my ideas would be possible without him helping me put them into action.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Hippity-Hop…Easter’s On Its Way!

Easter is right around the corner, and I have been busy coming up with some ideas to decorate the house in hopes of the spring weather I wish for every freezing day.

Easter Basket Pinterest

Since the Easter bunny only gets paid once a month, he has to think ahead of time when planning a certain little boy’s Easter basket. For those of you looking for some ideas for a toddler and an 8 month old, I’m going to share Landry’s basket from last year along with what the Easter bunny is thinking for this upcoming year.


For the eight month old, the items were kept fairly simple. The main focus was food and bath time. In this basket, you could find the following things:

  • Bath toys
  • Vtech Bath Duck
  • Gerber Puff and Lil’ Crunchies snacks
  • “Happy Easter, Little Critter”
  • “The Berenstain Bears and the Real Easter Eggs”
  • Sock Easter Monkey
  • New socks for a growing baby

Oh, how things have changed in a year!


For this year though, the Easter bunny is still thinking about spring and all of the fun water activities and sunshine this cutey of a little boy will be soaking up.

OB-Easter Basket Ideas

Smocked swim trunks

  1. Wayfarer sunglasses {fake, of course}
  2. Foam letters for the bathtub…we love to stick things to the side of the tub
  3. Mr. Bubbles Bubble Bath….brings back memories of having bubble baths at my Maw Maw’s
  4. Melissa and Dough Cookie Dough play set
  5. Floaties for the pool
  6. Pool ring
  7. Welch’s Fruit Snacks….Landry loves these
  8. Brica Bath Toy Scoop

I didn’t include it, but the Easter bunny might just throw in some color tablets for the bath water. Might as well have a little fun in the tub while we wait for warmer weather!

Hopefully this will give you some ideas for the 8 to 18 month old kiddos in your life!

Saturday, February 7, 2015

A Little Pink with a Dash of Sparkly

My niece had her very 1st birthday today, and y’all….it was absolutely precious! My sister and her co-worker worked their magic and created the perfect first birthday scene. I was loving capturing the details before things got started.


The theme was all about some pink and gold. Even the cupcakes had gold sprinkles!

Of course, Isabella’s smash cake was a giant cupcake with a little sparkly on top as well.




When you walked in, she had a place for guests to leave sweet messages for the birthday girl that will be framed in her room now.




And the gift table was just as cute with the cutest pink tassel garland!



And then there was the birthday girl!



Who definitely enjoyed her smash cake and all of the cool gifts she received today! She was completely overwhelmed and wasn’t quite sure what to play with!




And there you have it! The best pink and gold sparkly party I’ve ever been to!

Happy Birthday, Isabella! Aunt B loves you!

And just for good measure….I’m adding in a quick photo of Landry.


Thursday, January 29, 2015

Dreaming of Spring…

Our yard. Oh. Our yard. The sight of it makes me cringe right now.

It’s not that it’s that awful, but I never like our yard during the winter. Winter just makes yards look blah.

Technically, our yard has probably looked better than it has since we moved in since we’ve gotten all of the overgrown mess out of the way. Now it is nearly a blank slate.

Did I mention that my husband and our neighbor took care of some trees in our yard and that my husband has had the flu and that the remains of the trees are still laying there?

Ugh. It’s all I can say. Spring…if you’re out there…will you please hurry up and make an appearance? This ole girl is tired of winter.

I dream of beautiful green grass and blooming flowers….

Yard 1

and a cute place to dine outside…

Dining 1

and lovely planters….


and a cozy porch….

Porch 3

Porch 1

Porch 2 

The good news is that my awesome BIL is working on a plan for our yard to give it a total southern makeover! Y’all, it will be the answer to my prayers! I trust him 100%, and I know my heart will sing when I see his plan. I’ll probably be doing back flips in the yard when it begins to resemble it {if I could do a back flip….maybe I should settle for a cartwheel}.

Spring, I’m begging you with every ounce of my being to speed things up, so the grass can return to its lushness, and I can be excited to go outside again.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Oh yes….you know the show. Every Tuesday night I’m camped out in front of the television waiting for Chip’s latest shenanigan and Joanna’s latest design that says “Brenna’s style” all over it!

Farmhouse = Check

White distressed paint = Check

Light airy colors = Double check

O.M.G. I think we could be best friends. For life. I would work in her shop for merchandise to decorate with. How great would that be?

Anyhow…I was thinking last night how I have my favorites of her designs….and then there are a few {and I mean like 1 or 2} that just don’t suit me. But why bring those up?

Let’s move on to my favorites from all of the episodes. Prepare yourselves. You’re about to see lots of kitchens and living rooms.

First of all….the next few pictures are from my most favorite episode because it’s the most like our house in the layout . I could see how I could easily implement a few of the changes they made and make a major impact on our house. If you’re wanting to watch the episode, it was season 1 episode 9.

1-9 Kitchen

The kitchen is almost our same floor plan. It would be easy to make ours resemble this with some paint, new countertops, and maybe a few other small changes.

1-9 Kid Table

They made this adorable table for the kids in this episode as well. If you’ve seen my instagram posts, you know I had my handy dandy daddy make one quite similar to it. He even made the toolbox for crayon storage as well!

1-9 Dining Room Fireplace 

We also have a fireplace in our dining room that needs a makeover. The mantel is great, but the brick around it is U-G-L-Y. Like yellow brick. {insert puke face} This would be a great way to update it and give it that amazing fresh and clean look that I love so much.

Now….for the rest of my favorites without all the commentary. I think if you hover over the picture it will tell you what season and what episode the pictures are from {Example: 1-9 is Season 1 Episode 9}. Of course, you can find these same pictures on the Fixer Upper Blog.

My favorite kitchens….I think you’ll find the trend rather quickly.

1-4 Kitchen 2

1-4 Kitchen

 1-7 Kitchen 2

 1-7 Kitchen

 1-12 Kitchen

2-3 Kitchen

The living rooms…

1-4 Living Room 1-4 Living Room2 1-12 Living Room

2-3 Living Room 2 2-3 Living Room

And my favorite little laundry room!

2-2 Laundry

So how many of you are standing by waiting on Tuesday nights and record every episode on your DVR? I know I’m not the only one. Were any of these your favorites? And if you haven’t discovered this show yet….and I don’t know how you haven’t….tune in Tuesday nights at 8 on HGTV. You won’t regret it!

I can’t wait to see what the rest of the new season holds!